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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shegaon Kachori

I don’t know how many of you have been to Shegaon. It is famous for two reasons; a pilgrimage for great saint Shree Gajanan Maharaj and another is the Kachori that they sell at Shegaon railway station. They have a Bhatti (big stove of bricks) in a room below pedestrian bridge at the station. Usually express trains stops there only for few minutes for pilgrims & you can see numerous Kachori boys ...flocking the train with packs of 4-5 hot fresh kachoris.
The test is quite unique; it’s formula worth patenting (if not done already!). It is smaller than usual oval Kachoris, almost like stuffed Puri. The ‘Maal’ inside is really ‘Kamaal’. Primary ingredient is Gram flour.
I did not go to Shegaon in last 2 years and part of the reason is I could get this formula Kachori now in Pune! While coming from JM road towards Deccan, cross the Bus Stand (opposite to KFC) and turn left before the bridge. Few meters down the road, you will see this shop on your right. Big banners of “Shegaon Station Kachori” will greet you. The guy does not stock much, most of the time, freshly makes with every new lot of customers. The test is quite same. I heard some of the original station guys spread in cities like Pune, Nasik and started their own business with the recipe they mastered over the years. The one in Nasik is just after HPT/RYK College on the college road. At least, it was there last year. Try it – its different & has to be eaten hot fresh – not as Kachori Chaat


  1. Where is this available in Mumbai?

  2. What is the receipt to make shegaon Kachori, Kingly contact me on

  3. Its available in thane at 2 places - one near station outside gavdevi ground, other in Vishnunagar.

  4. but none could taste like the original shegaon kachori....