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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Matki Bhel

Today evening visited nice Bhel eatery at nearby locality. Thought of sharing a verbose byte...

This Bhel join is near Kothrud Gaonthan. Come straight from Karve Statue, Y Chavan theater and on DP road a right at small circle (Badhai sweets and Vedant hotel corner). Few meters ahead, the road turns at a video library, the next shop is a Sadanand Bhel. I was greeted by tune of Indian classical m...usic and chef-cum-owner chanting raga while 'cooking' the Bhel with equal passion.

The specialty is Matki Bhel. Matki (Pulses) being healthy food, it is easy to fool your health conscious mind while treating the test buds. The test is amazing. It starts as traditional "farsan" rich bhel, but as you dig your spoon deeper in the bowl , you will start enjoying nice blend of matki with khajur and Imali sauce. Those who enjoy classical music, it’s a double treat, otherwise just focus on the food. Garnishing of Sev and Dhaniya is done wholeheartedly. The place is clean, serving is large enough to skip the dinner if you had a good lunch in afternoon.

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